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We have been around since Burning Crusades, (est. June 2007), as a social leveling guild. We are still a casual leveling guild with a mixture of players: The Loner, The Newbie, The Experienced, The RPer, the Horde Slayer, and the "Been Playing Since Warcraft I and I'm Nearly Burnt Out". We also have a variety of ages running from age 13ish to about 78, at this time, with the greatest number of members being in the 40-60+ age category. We are an eclectic bunch who are laid back and fun to be around. If you are burnt out from running with the "Rabid Raiders", come join us and rest up awhile. :)  All are welcome.  Our only real requirement in the guild is that we are patient, respectful of each other, and have a good sense of humor.  We are Family.

As a guild we are currently focused on getting Dungeon teams, and a Raid progressive team, up and running (neither are required participation). We are looking for a little bit of everything for the raid team and will learn as we go from those members who are experienced raiders. We're currently working on building the first 10-man team. 
If you're looking for an established Raiding Guild, we're probably not the guild for you. But, if you're looking for a more fun, helpful and relaxed atmosphere and are willing to help us grow, you will be welcomed into the Family.
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